No matter how simple or complex your needs, an expert construction manager needs to become one with your business and understand its' intricacies while managing your project costs. We understand the variety of challenges within commercial builds – and the need for timely completion – and are able to adapt our working processes to fit.

With national experience, Penalta has a solid understanding of all factors that need to be considered, wherever your project is located. For nearly two decades, we have been delivering award-winning hotel construction projects across the country, working collaboratively to offer flexible services tailored to each hotel’s exact needs. Whether it is a 200,000-square-foot big box plaza, a warehouse facility, medical office, or state-of-the-art car dealership, we have the team and experience to join forces with any client and deliver your project.

We offer design-build services that cover pre-construction, property design, construction and post-construction phases, to ensure hand-over is seamless and budget requirements are met. Each new project requires strict attention to a plethora of details that meet precise design and architectural standards, incorporate local site considerations, adhere to municipal permitting requirements and even corporate brand standards. We know that time is money so meeting schedules, budgets and client expectations are our top priorities.