The Penalta story

At Penalta, we think it is important to know where you come from every bit as much as where you are going. We have been successful because we have stayed true to our core values of honesty, integrity and working hard to make our customers’ experience is as stress-free and pleasurable as possible.

No matter how large we eventually grow, we will keep doing exactly what it is that we are doing right now - retaining highly satisfied customers. After all it is why we have been able to successfully deliver on more than 2,000 projects for over 20 years.

The past

Penalta Group was founded a few years after Welshmen Terry Wallace and Robert Ogden made the transatlantic trip to find a better life in Canada. Having worked together in numerous contracting positions they teamed up to form their own business, specialising in residential developments.

But the boom and bust nature of the residential market led them to look further afield, developing the very particular specialist skills needed to succeed in commercial markets such as hotels and retail. Their approach of winning new business steadily through relationships and referrals has meant Penalta Group has become a quality-first construction company, focused on client happiness above everything else.

The Present

These days we place great emphasis on innovative thinking and cleverly integrated processes that help us efficiently execute on our objectives. Working collaboratively with our partners, we develop industry-leading solutions from concept through to completion, ensuring the very best expertise and resources are deployed to achieve the required outcomes, without sacrificing our focus on budget, timelines, quality of work, safety and sustainability.

How we approach our customers’ projects

The Future

We have growth plans. We can not tell you exactly what they are, however, because for the sake of maintaining our high standards our growth is going to be entirely organic, expanding when it is right to do so in simple steps by appointing the best new people to our business and working with clients who want a contractor with a personal approach.

We work in the commercial (including hotel), industrial and retail sectors predominantly and we feel these sectors are important to the infrastructure of Canada – we are going to stick to what we are good at for the time being.

Find out more about which sectors we’re growing into.