Why choose Penalta?

Anyone can build a building. Take your pick from dozens, if not hundreds, of other construction firms and you’ll get something that matches the designs you supply.

But honesty, integrity, a drive to overcome obstacles without stopping and, above all, a desire to learn what the customer wants to get out of the finished building, those are things you will find are much more rare, yet they are the foundation of our business. It is why our core trade comes from referrals and retained customers – we work hard to make sure people enjoy working with us.

Penalta President Robert Ogden comments: “Great buildings are built by great people. That is the mantra that has driven Penalta Group since day one, and it is the foundation that we have used to build our story of success.

“Ask anyone in the hotel business here in Canada. Ask anyone in retail, or industrial. They will tell you that what makes Penalta memorable is not just our hassle-free project management or our ability to tailor schemes to meet their demands – it is the experience of working with our teams of highly-trained, ‘attention-to-detail’ focused staff who truly care about helping our customers to write their own success stories.”

“The company is proud if its culture,” adds President Robert Ogden. “We work hard for our clients and each other, and we are known to be an honest organisation. We do not take advantage of situations, we always pay our bills and on the rare occasions that we do get something wrong, we own up immediately.”

Corporate social responsibility

For more than 20 years, Penalta has organized and managed an annual golf tournament to raise money for the Global Friends Foundation. Over $250,000 has been raised to support vulnerable children all over the world.

We are also heavily invested in our local community and continue to support the following organizations: